Baroda - Vadodara city - known as cultural capital of Gujarat, is popular for its different cultural activities. We Rangoli artists of Vadodara (earstwhile Baroda) started working collectively in 1985 as a group named SWASTIK RANGOLI KALAKAR GROUP. Since then our group has organized many Rangoli exhibitions in different cities. Thousands of visitors flock to the exhibitions. Contemporary type Rangoli pictures on different subjects, such as portraits, figures, landscapes, seascapes, still-life, wild-life etc. are made in the exhibitions. 'On water Rangoli', 'under water Rangoli' and 'moving Rangoli' are the unique features of our artistry. Many people are fascinated by our Rangoli art. It is much appreciated by all medias in the country and overseas. Some of the artists of our group have performed in Dubai, New Zealand and London having received invitations from the government organizations of the respective countries. Legendary personalities are also very much impressed by our art.
Our main exhibition is held during Diwali every year. Since 1993, we have continuesly (exception 2006) held our main exhibition in Kirti Mandir - a Palace like beautiful monument, owned by The King of Vadodara. Thousands of visitors visits our exhibition every time. During COVID pandemic, the group held online rangoli exhibhitions for Diwali 2020 & 2021.